Penrhyn New Hall Bowling Club

Winter Newsletter – February 2018

Hello everyone. I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season and are now looking forward to the forthcoming season. The Green opens subject to weather on March 18th.

SEE league boards for League starts and Club board for Club Competitions & Leagues.

Just a catch up on what has happened since the last newsletter;

December 3rd saw the inaugural Greenkeepers Invitational Competition, this is only open to players who have played in Club Cup Competitions during the Season. We would like to thank Duncan for this and his prize together with the green playing in excellent condition as appreciated by the players. The result was Ted MacCarthy beating John Shaw 15-5in the final.

The Christmas Lunch which was held at the Conwy Golf Club on 15th December was a great success and big vote of thanks must go to our President and Social Secretary for all her efforts and time involved in organizing such events and therefore it was pleasing that 63 people supported this event and a profit of £250.55 was achieved.

Asda Bag Packing. Thanks again everyone who helped raise a brilliant £563 after Christmas. We have now secured a further Pre-Easter collection day on Thursday 29th March between

10.30 am and 4.30pm. Our aim is to collect at five checkouts for the whole day – each with two-hour time slots. Fifteen volunteers needed please. Ken Simms now eagerly awaits your e-mail/call.      

The coffee morning held on the 23rd January was a great success and the club raised £243.00 again thanks to our President and Social Secretary Ann.

2 Honorary Membership cards were presented at the same time to Joan & Stan Smith.

The next event is;

Annual Lunch on 16th March

As well as the weekly whist now held in The Clubhouse

All details can be found on the club Website….




Penrhyn New Hall Bowling Club

Winter Newsletter – November 17 - February 2018

Hello everyone. Firstly, The Chairman and Committee would like to thank you for your playing support during the past season which has seen all teams holding their own in the leagues.

For the 2018 Season it was reported at The AGM that there was maybe a shortfall in players.

I can gladly report to you now that following a Captains meeting We have enough players to cover all, Teams But you can never have too many, so anyone who has not committed please contact me or the relevant Team Captain to register your choice. The Team Captains Will Be in Contact with All Members of their Teams.

That is the Good News, but the disturbing news is on the Social side where we had to cancel the Light Lunch for 14th November because of lack of numbers (13). Over the Years Social members have formed a great support for these events but as their numbers reduce year on year due age it shows how poorly the bowling members of the club do not support these events.

The Treasurer showing this in the Annual accounts and a loss year on year. If we do not get the revenue from our social events, then the most logical way to meet our operating budget is to increase the Subscriptions. SO PLEASE SUPPORT THESE EVENTS. There is new Social Noticeboard on the outside of The Clubhouse and Ann is available for inquires on Social Events.

The next 3 events are;


Christmas Lunch on 15th December

Coffee Morning on 23rd January

Annual Lunch on 16th March

As well as the weekly whist now held in The Clubhouse

All details can be found on the club Website….

Where you can also find details for ASDA bag packing appeal.



Roving jack at Prestatyn.


We are looking to run a roving Jack event in February. Cost £18.50

Anyone interested please contact Arthur Peake ASAP

Best wishes



From the Chairman and Officers

Over the last few years Ken has managed to get permission from ASDA to raise funds by bag packing. Permission to do this collection is conditional on there being adults in attendance to accompany the youngsters - which is where we need your help.  With enough support the venture could be accomplished with only a couple of hours of commitment.

Obviously not everyone will be available due to work or holidays etc. but if those of you who are available would be prepared to give just two hours to the cause it would be greatly appreciated. The dates we have been allocated provisionally are 29th and 30th December, probably between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00 and we could be flexible with shift times.

The logistics are simple – if we can service eight tills we double the money of only manning four tills, so the more helpers for Santa, the better.

"On the Green 2017" .... updated 30th September 2017

Final League Team Positions & Individual Performances

The Club has enjoyed another very successful season for both young and old!

Let's start our round up with our Junior Bowlers.

Welsh Junior National Honours....

Congratulations to Rhys Boulton, Richard Jones, Emily Owen, Hari Owen, Adam Parisella and Lucy Parisella on their selection to the Welsh Junior Home Team. In his first match against Staffordshire last May, Rhys Boulton was also adjudged "Man of the Match".  The Individual Match Reports follow this article. For more information plus pictures please see our "Junior Section".

Juniors' League Performances....    

Colwyn and Llandudno District Bowling League 

All six Juniors played for our D Team ( Our Club's League Development Team) in Division "D". Richard Jones was top performer with Rhys Boulton second, both winning six of their games.   

North Wales Coast League

Four of the same Juniors played for our  B Team in Division "D". Emily Owen was the "Star Turn" winning four games in this her first season. Hari, Rhys and Richard also all won occasional games when selected. 


Now for on overview on our League Teams and other Individual Performances.......

Clwydian Senior Citizens Bowling League

"A" Division. Our "A" Team finished a well deserved 5th (9th last year) under the stewardship of Ted MacCarthy. Margaret Peake and Ted MacCarthy were first and second in the Team Averages.                                                                                               

 "C" Division. Our "B" Team finished a strong 3rd (7th last year) narrowly missing promotion by six points. During the season, frustratingly, eight individual games were lost 21-20. Thanks go to Tom Maddock for his stalwart Captaincy. Dave Robinson topped the Team Averages with Arthur Peake second. Dave also finished 4th in the Divisional Averages.                                                                             

 "D" Division. Our "C" Team were the "Star Turn" this season!  They finished a brilliant 2nd (5th last year) and are promoted. Congratulations go to Chris Jones Team Captain for this considerable achievement. Also the only Team to beat Rhos Park away. Edna Yates topped the Team Averages, with Ray Williams second. Both were third and fourth in the Divisional Averages. Grenville Hughes also won all his 16 individual games finishing 7th in the Division.          

Colwyn and Llandudno District Bowling League

"B" Division. Our streamlined "A" Team finished 6th same as last year. Our grateful thanks go to Colin Baily Vice Captain for taking over as Captain Mid Season from Isaac Banks. Thanks to Isaac for all his earlier good work. For the first time, this season both our "A" and "B" Teams were in the same Division. Team registrations were purposely that the "A" would have 11 players and the B 15 players, with the "B" providing the "A" cover for shortages etc. It worked well. Ted MacCarthy topped the Team Averages with Colin Baily second.

Our re-named and re-structured "B" Team (see Captain's Report under our Team Section) finished deservedly 7th (promoted as "C" Division Champions last season). Grateful thanks go to Ken Simms Team Captain for his stewardship. Grenville Hughes was "Best Block" finishing 6th in the Division. Steve Crooks a worthy second.

"D" Division. Our re-named "C" Team finished 5th (7th last season). Our grateful thanks go to our new Team Captain Margaret Rapson for all her hard work. Dave Robinson topped the Team Averages (4th in the Division) and with Muriel - Dave's Wife a worthy second.  

Our "D" Team in its second year under the continued nurturing and guidance of Eryl Williams finished 10th (11th last season). Since its inception as the Club's Prime Development Team, it has produced many fine " New Bowlers" both young and old and is a testament to all the additional help and support given by other members in particular John and Pam Trout. Long may it continue! Chris Triggs, the Club's most improved Adult Bowler, topped the Team Averages with Brenda Taylor second - also our Victrix Ludorum for this season's Club Competitions. Mention was also earlier made of our Junior Bowlers' involvement in this team.       

North Wales Coast League

"C"Division. Our "A" Team's goal under the fine Stewardship of Dave Jones, also our Club's Chairman, was consolidation and to stay in that Division, following last  season's disappointing relegation. We're delighted this was achieved finishing 7th. Ted MacCarthy was "Top Block" with John Shaw second. Both reappear later

"D" Division. Our "B" Team, this year ably Captained by Chris Watson since joining us from Colwyn Bay Royal British Legion, improved by finishing 8th ( 9th last term). Chris Triggs topped this Team's Averages too, with Chris Watson second.           

Vale of Clwyd Bowling League

Last season, we missed promotion from Division 3 by one point. This season not only did we finish as Divisional Champions but also we won the Divisional Cup. Congratulations go to Arthur Peake Team Captain and our Club's President on this achievement and John Shaw and Ted MacCarthy for finishing first and second in the Divisional Averages. John Shaw also won the Cup awarded for winning the most individual games in all three League Divisions.           

So that's it from our news team for this season. Thanks for your company and for reading all our bulletins.
In the meantime enjoy the picture of our successful Junior team at our annual award ceremony accepting the cup for wins against Moorfield










Our Club President Mr Arthur Peake welcomed members and friends to the celebration that began with a bowling competition of four-a-side causing much hilarity as ends became crowded with bowls and players. Lots of fun was had by one and all.  This was followed by a junior competition eventually won by Fievel Sarok, (their pictures can be found on the junior pages) click here

The President then Invited everyone to take tea in the hall.

In his address he said how proud he is during his term of office to note the comments he receives from the many clubs in the area about the efforts made at our club to promote the future of the game through our junior academy.

He expressed a very special thank you to the ladies who had decorated the tables and prepared the wonderful spread in front of us and asked everybody to tuck in and enjoy the tea.




Drakes Pride Junior County Championship

              Wales Juniors South Yorkshire

                   Sunday 9th July at Oval Llandudno

Congratulations go to Adam Parisella for being named for the first time as one of the Reserves for the forthcoming match. Well done Adam thoroughly deserved.

Our Club now has six Welsh Junior Bowlers. Of the other five, Rhys Boulton and Lucy Parisella are both playing, with Richard Jones, Emily Owen and Hari Owen as other named reserves. So well done everyone on this great achievement.  

The Match starts at 2.00pm. Please come and support them.    

Wales Juniors Derbyshire

Sunday 11th June at Benllech 

Brief Match Report

(For more detailed report see Welsh Crown Green Website)

This their second game saw the home team at Benllech and the away team at Littleover Bowling Club again with simultaneous start times. The away side won on aggregate 222 to 217 and the home team won 219 to 198  - overall winning the match by 26 points.

Wales having won both of their opening League Games are now top of their Division. Next month they play their final League Game against South Yorkshire and are confident about winning that too. Thereafter, the knockout stages commence.   

Again three of our Juniors played - Rhys Boulton with Emily and Hari Owen stepping in as Subs. Richard Jones and Lucy Parisella were again two of the named remainder reserves. Hari was also making his debut. Although they all lost, they played much more experienced bowlers and each scored valuable match winning points.   

                       Wales Juniors  Staffordshire Juniors

Sunday 14th May at Colwyn Bay Royal British Legion

Brief Match Report

(more pictures on the junior match page)

Wales were playing two teams one against Staffordshire at home at the Legion in Colwyn Bay and the other away at the Springvale Sports and Social Club both games being played at the same time. The away side won their match 10 - 2 and the aggregate was 238 to Wales and 139 to Staffordshire. The home team Lost the match 7 - 5 and the aggregate was 206 to Staffordshire and 181 to Wales so over all Wales won the match.

Three from Penrhyn New Hall Bowling Club were making their debut for Wales , they  were Emily Owen, Lucy Parisella and Rhys Boulton and in the reserves were Richard Jones and Hari Owen.

Although they were playing experienced bowlers Emily Owen played well loosing to 13 Lucy Parisella also played well although her score does not reflect that as she lost to 6, Rhys Boulton played exceptionally well winning his game 21 - 11 he also got the man of the match for Wales 

Photos of the five from Penrhyn New Hall bowling club holding the Welsh flag left to right Lucy Parisella, Emily Owen, Richard Jones, Rhys Boulton and Hari Owen



Well done to them all they did our club proud

Wyn Owen

Club Captain / Head Coach

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