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"On the Green 2019"  -  updated  Monday 30th September .... 


Our club continues to prosper following our most recent update. This report not only takes account of the final Clwydian Senior Citizens Bowling League Fixtures but also the outcome of the other Division's Qualifying Rounds for that League's President's Day not earlier covered in this week's 'Latest News'.   

And what a final end to the season it has been in the Clwydian Senior Citizens Bowling League. Overall our 'A' Team has had a much improved season finishing in a 'Good Mid-Table Spot' but the 'Star Turn' has to be our 'B' Team for securing promotion to the 'B' Division in their final match, as earlier mentioned in our 'Latest News' section. Finally, last Friday, our 'C' Team's Richard Triggs qualified for the Final of the League President's Individual Merits to be held at Eirias Park this coming Friday. So please enjoy our further and final match reports...


Clwydian Senior Citizens Bowling League

"A" Division.

In their final two matches, firstly, our 'A' Team lost narrowly 7-5 (Agg 174-178) at home to Dyserth 'A' . Best Winner Ted MacCarthy 21-12, seeing them remain in sixth spot in the Division. 

Then secondly, in their final match, although again losing this time 9-3 (Agg 131-199) away to Trefnant 'A' it included uncharacteristically two 'Walkovers', they nevertheless, finished the season in a much improved seventh spot on 151 points. Best Winner Isaac Banks 21-14. Last season, they narrowly avoided relegation finishing eleventh on 135 points, but this season's vast improvement directly results from seven of their eleven players winning fifty per cent of their individual games or more. So well done to Ted MacCarthy Team Captain for 'Orchestrating' this and to all his players for their personal contributions. 

Ted MacCarthy 'Topped' the Team's Averages with Colin Baily second. Ted along with John Shaw, deputising for Colin, represented their team in last Friday's President's Day Individual Merit Qualifiers at Abergele Bowling Club. Played in atrocious weather sadly they both lost their first round games.   


C" Division.

Please see our 'Latest News' section for our "B" Team's remarkable and very successful end to it's season. 


Our "C" Team finished bottom in fourteenth spot after two further losses - firstly heavily, the previous week, away 11-1 (Agg 90-205) to Meliden 'B' - always a difficult green - with Ray Williams 21-16 their only winner and secondly, in their  final fixture at home, to Old Colwyn 'B', one place above them, 8-4 (Agg 139-183). Best winner Brenda Taylor 21-3. The result could not prevent Old Colwyn 'B' being relegated to the 'D' Division too along with our 'C' Team. 

Edna Yates 'Topped' the Team's Averages with Chris Watson second. Both won more than sixty three percent of their games. Brenda Taylor - Team Captain finished a close third also winning significantly more of her games. All, sadly, are unavailable to represent their Team in last Friday's President's Day Individual Merit Qualifiers at Rhyl Bowling Club. Tony Fox and Richard Triggs, however, pleasingly were available. Tony's earlier game was badly affected by the adverse weather. Despite playing well he lost his first round game. Richard Triggs played much later in improving weather and on a less heavier green and qualified for the 'President's Day Individual Merit Finals' this coming Friday at Eirias Park. So well done Richard and 'Good Luck'. Although Brenda couldn't make the start she joined her teammates later in support and will be there on Friday with several other Team Members.            

Despite only winning one and drawing another of their matches, there have been many positives this year. Pleasingly, Brenda Taylor continues as Team Captain next season and her several players 'New to League Bowling' this season will be far better equipped for the new challenges ahead. The future looks good for this our other key 'Development Team'. So well done everyone. Ed.        


Colwyn and Llandudno District Bowling League

"B" Division.  In their final fixtures firstly our 'A' Team narrowly lost their Consolation Cup Semi-Final to Craig-y-Don 'B' played at Vardre Bowling Club's neutral green 225-216 after factoring in both handicaps. Best winner Isaac Banks 21-13. Had our two 21-19 and 21-18 losses been reversed it would have been a different outcome. Never mind - let's now focus on their final League Match and 'Divisional Performances'...

Secondly, in their Final League Match, they had another 'Good' home win when beating Mochdre Park 'A' 9-3 (Agg 181-151) and with it finishing in fifth spot - one place higher than last year after winning eight matches, losing nine and drawing one. Best winner Laura Williams 21-8.

Firstly many congratulations to Team Captain Ted MacCarthy for 'Masterminding' his Team's much improved second half of the season performance and to all his team for their individual contributions. Secondly, many congratulations also to Wyn Owen for 'Topping' his Team's Averages and finishing a 'Very Creditable' thirteenth in the Division after winning twelve of his eighteen games.            


"C" Division. Last Season our 'B' Team were promoted as 'League Runners Up' from the 'D' Division and this season finished a 'Very Creditable' fifth after winning ten matches, losing seven and drawing one.Team Captain Ken Simms' 'Pre-Season Vision' was to consolidate and remain in the 'C' Division. Clearly achieved with the benefit of new players and further developing 'Home Grown Talent' 

For several weeks in July they 'Topped' the Division - including achieving the 'Double' over 'League Runners Up' - Eirias Park 'B' when beating them both home and away 9-3. August sadly, however, saw three consecutive defeats(including two narrow losses) which put paid to earlier 'Promotion Thoughts'

In their final match, 'Uncharacteristically' they lost 11-1 (Agg 134-203) away to 'League Champions' Rhos Park 'B', with Zack Hayward (Welsh Junior) 21-14 - their only winner. That aside, our other three Welsh Juniors - Rhys Boulton, Richard Jones and Ben Turner-Renshaw all played well - with Richard narrowly losing 21-19 from being nineteen across in a very closely contested game. 

Firstly, many congratulations to Ken Simms - Team Captain for 'Masterminding' his Team's overall excellent performance. Secondly to Gari Williams for not only 'Topping' his Team's Averages but also the 'Division's too after winning seventeen of his eighteen games and thirdly to Richard Jones (Welsh Junior) for finishing second in his Team's Averages and eleventh in the Division after winning thirteen of his sixteen games. 


Our 'C' Team' did not win a match but despite this there were many positives. Its 'Prime Function' was to and continue to act as our Club's 'Players New to Bowling League Bowling' Development Team. This role was 'Superbly Fulfilled' overseen by Team Captain Brenda Taylor - who pleasingly will remain in post next season - when they will be more 'At Home and Better Equipped' in the 'D' Division. After seeing the significant development of her players, this season, they will certainly soon start winning matches.

For twelve of her twenty registered players it was their 'First League Bowling Season' - six of whom were Juniors. No one became 'Disheartened' when losing - viewing each game as a chance to further develop. Two Juniors won their first League Games and several others came very close - especially Katie Boddis who played in sixteen out of the eighteen League Matches. June 17th's home League Match against Sunny Rhyl was the closest to a win - five games all and only losing the Aggregate by three points. That day saw Fievel Sarok - Junior win his first League Game too 21-20 against a 'Very Experienced' adult bowler. 

So that's it for this season. Well done everyone - you've done our Club proud! Ed.                                      


North Wales Coast League"D" Division

Preamble: Pre-season saw a totally re-structured single team comprising the remainder of last season's former 'A' and 'B' Teams, together with new arrivals from nearby clubs. On paper it seemed a strong team at the outset and the Club hoped that promotion would be achieved to redress last year's 'A' Team's unfortunate relegation from the 'C' Division. 

Ken Simms, the new Team Captain, believed 140 points would see them promoted as League Champions based on last year's results. By Mid-Season, promotion still seemed feasible and Ken calculated that by averaging 8 points a match from their remainder 9 games then promotion would be achieved.

Then something quite remarkable happened....they won eight of their final nine matches - winning their last seven consecutively - scoring an excellent 77 points - finishing 'Top' with 146 points after finally winning 15 of their 18 matches. Some achievement! 

At this point, I must thank Richard Jones - Welsh Junior and Team Member for all his match reports this season. It's been a great help. Ed. 

Here's his final 'First Hand Account' of their last Saturday League match - Captained by Arthur Peake - in Ken's absence ....We ended the season in spectacular fashion in sunny conditions with a resounding 11-1 (Agg 207-125) home win over Mid-Table Grove Park 'A', thereby securing 'Top Spot' in the 'D' Division. The first four games saw convincing victories as follows....

Scott Williams opened proceedings with a comfortable 21-14 win, then Richard Jones avenged his previous away loss to George Scott with a comfortable 21-10 win. Meanwhile, Margaret Peake beat 'Top Block' Dot Hudson 21-12 and Laura Williams won 21-14. 

Stan Smith, at number five, was our only defeat narrowly losing 21-18. Gari Williams then won 21-15 to secure 'Third Spot' in the Divisional Averages having won all fifteen of his games. John Shaw, similarly, then secured the Division's 'Fifth Spot'  with a 21-11 victory. Martin James then won 21-4 to gain the day's 'Best Result'. 

Haiden Williams and Zack Hayward (Welsh Juniors) in games nine and ten closed proceedings, in some style, both with 'Good' 21-12 wins to put the 'Icing on the Promotion Cake'. 

Ken later joined the team during the final two games and then at 5.00pm the  'Champagne Corks Popped' - followed by refreshments in the Clubhouse. Ken then thanked his team for their considerable and remarkable personal efforts and also for their generosity towards the catering. 

In conclusion, this year's hugely successful campaign sees further 'Club History Made' as the first 'New Hall' side to be promoted as 'Champions in the North Wales Coast League'. Next year, some 'Tricky' away trips await them. Benllech will be among the tougher tests as our Welsh Juniors could potentially face their 'Islander  Counterparts'. A fascinating match in prospect!   

Ken is now stepping down as Team Captain so he can focus more on his other Club's roles. Pleasingly, Martin James will oversee the Team's 'New Adventure' in the 'C' Division. We wish him every success too.             


Vale of Clwyd Bowling League

Their final Thursday League Fixture saw them finish with some 'Aplomb' winning comprehensively 10-2 (Agg 188-151) at home over Rhos Park 'B' seeing them secure a 'Very Creditable' fourth in the 'B' Division. Best winner John Shaw 21-6.

This compares extremely well with last year's ninth spot - just avoiding relegation; where this season they won eleven of their twenty matches compared with last year's six wins, thirteen losses and one draw. In fact, their final victory mirrors the team's considerable second half improvement for the season - winning six of their last seven games and narrowly losing the other. 

There have been several contributory factors - new players - but  furthermore existing player development i.e Richard Jones (Welsh Junior) 'Topping' his Team's Averages and finishing eleventh in the Division - having won fourteen of his seventeen games. Well done also to John Shaw for finishing a worthy second.

So many congratulations go to Arthur Peake Team Captain for 'Masterminding' this excellent outcome and to all his team for their personal and valuable contribution. Ed.              


So that's it from our news team for now. Thanks again for your company this week and for reading our bulletins.